Day 2

This is the difficult part, for me. Writing suitable content that won’t be boring, that relates to me, and will be of interest.

The second week of the Partnership to Success course has provided some extra threads for me to follow. For example, OptimizePress is providing a video series to teach me how best to use it. When I tried to view the videos on Google Chrome, my default browser, I got the same result as when I wanted to view the OptimizePress Welcome video. This was the following:

Unable to view video

After some research, because the OptimizePress help desk merely suggested using another browser, I found that I could view them in a Google Chrome page if I opened them in an “incognito window“.

Of course, viewing these takes time away from the core elements of week 2, but I felt that since OptimizePress would be used, extensively, in this course then the more I understood how to use it, and what options it had, the better.

Another item dragged me away from deriving content for this blog, and reading the “Bloggers Roadmap“. This time, after installing a number of plugins I was unable to get access to my WordPress system using wp-admin. A request for help sent to the hosting organisation, D9, provided the information that the installation of the “Woo Commerce All-in-One SEO pack” was causing the problem. D9 deactivated it, thus solving the problem.

When I purchased the “Bloggers Roadmap” I was given, as a bonus, access to the “Niche Expert Secrets Exposed ” course. A total of  ten videos, two pdf’s, the “Content Creation for Those Who Can’t Write” course (another few videos), and the “Niche Domination” course (seven audio files).

It has been a difficult exercise to schedule everything into the one week so that I felt I was getting on top of everything. To summarise what I have achieved out of all this, so far:

  • OptimizePress Videos
    • How You Can Launch NEW Sites in Minutes
    • Skyrocket Your List Building, and
    • Your Fastest Route to Getting Help & Support

(While I’m writing this another video has arrived from OptimizePress)

  • Niche Experts Secrets Exposed
    • Introduction
    • Breakdown of Niches, and
    • Breakdown of Niche Expert
  • Bloggers Roadmap – page 31/80

All these, of course, need fitting into a 24-hour day when I am still running my service business, and preparing for Christmas when we will be spending five days at the Dunsborough Wyndham Resort in the south of Western Australia. It looks like I will have to revise my targets before week 3 of the course arrives.

Read Day 3, when I publish it later this week, to see how close I have come.

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