Internet Marketing Course Progress Report

I’m now well into the second week of the Partnership to Success course, which has concentrated on setting up this blog using OptimizePress. I had used an earlier version of this specialised software in a previous, unsuccessful, foray into internet marketing so I was reasonably familiar with it.

OptimizePress makes the creation of marketing sites a breeze. It enables the semi-automatic creation of:

  • Blogs,
  • Sales pages,
  • Membership portals,
  • Landing pages, and
  • Sales funnels.

The tasks in the course this week focussed on the basics of installing and activating OptimizePress, and the addition of a number of plugins to WordPress, namely:

  • All in One SEO,
  • JetPack,
  • Links Manager, and
  • ShareBar.

Additionally I was shown how to obtain the blog header you see proudly shown at the top of this page, and install it. I just had to specify a few parameters and forward a photograph to GFX-1. By being enrolled in Partnership to Success I was able to get a reduced price. I received this header banner within a day.

Two lots of homework this week:

  • Read the Bloggers Roadmap, and
  • Make at three post creations of a minimum of 400 words before the end of the week.

As an added benefit of obtaining the Bloggers Roadmap there is a set of training videos which of course I had to start watching in addition to making a start on reading the book.

I installed the Bloggers Roadmap in my PC Kindle using a piece of software I could not go without, although it has nothing to do with internet marketing. It’s called “Calibre—E-book management” and is an open source e-book library manager which can be installed on Linux, Macintosh and Windows (later than XP) platforms.

Calibre features the following categories:

  • Library Management,
  • E-book conversion,
  • Syncing to e-book reader devices,
  • Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form,
  • Comprehensive e-book viewer,
  • Content server for online access to your book collection, and
  • E-book editor for the major e-book formats.

I used it to convert the Bloggers Roadmap to a Kindle format, the big advantage now being that because PC Kindle synchronises with the versions of Kindle installed on my laptop and smartphone, I can read this book wherever I happened to be.

You can download it, if you wish, from . I don’t get any advantage from your downloading it other than knowing how useful it would be for you.

Now to clean up this blog by deleting all the short posts made in the last seven days.

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