Progress? – Week Eleven

A puzzle

The tasks and checklist for Week 11 of Partnership to Success have laid in front of me for five days – and I haven’t even completed Week 9.

From what I’ve read it seems that completing that week’s schedule is one of the most important items for success in Internet Marketing  – defining my niche.

John has laid out a series of things to do ranging from writing down things that I consider myself to be good at, to writing down 10 topics in which I am interested but don’t know much about yet; with three other tasks in between.

I can see that these tasks will guide me toward making this vital decision; but for some unknown reason I just can’t get started.


I have also researched and read extensively on the subject and can’t see any other way that is an improvement.

So I must buckle down to doing it. Maybe tomorrow

Has anyone else had this problem?


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