The Three Week Gap

I am now up to Week five of the Internet marketing course “Partners to Success“.

There have been a few hiccups along the way with delays injected by family holiday, computer problems, and a bout of ill-health. Excuses, excuses, excuses… .

My reading of “Bloggers Roadmap” has not progressed any further, but I have read some interesting stuff by “CopyBlogger“. Yet to be put into practice of course.

I have caught up on a few “OptimizePress” tutorials but have only added one more video from “Niche Experts Secrets Exposed” — Search Engine Rankings of Your Own Pages.

Week four of my course included:

  • Setting up Social Media accounts,
  • Installing Social media Icons,
  • Adding the sidebar code to display and link the icons.
  • Setting up WordPress “Comments“,
  • Setting up a redirect from my site to my blog.

Not too happy with this in the event that I want to create a “cornerstone” page as strongly recommended by “CopyBlogger” in his “Content Challenge” which I am now three days behind on.

Are these examples of the “Shiny Object Syndrome“?

I’ve also applied for a Google Adsense account, part of Week five of my course.

One of the steps I must take is to follow the advice offered by Danny@Mirasee:

Go through your email subscriptions, and prune the list, until you’re down to just a handful of the most trusted sources. And as you’ve probably heard me say before, I hope we make the list, but if we don’t, this is still good advice that I hope you’ll follow.

Part of creating space for greatness is eliminating the noise that can fill it before you even begin. So take some time this weekend, and create that space.”

I’ve made a start but must improve my focus if I am to succeed.

I still have to decide upon my niche, about which I will be blogging.

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