Weeks 6 and 7

I’ve been very distracted these last few weeks with problems.

A major one has been, and still is, getting a Google Adsense account. It appears that I cannot submit www.terencekierans.com/blog, because “the URL must not have a path (example.com/path) or sub domain (subdomain.example.com)”.  The PtS support desk advised that since www.terencekierans.com is redirected to www.terencekierans.com/blog then submitting www.terencekierans.com will be fine.

This I did, and there is a blank advertisement above my opt-in form. However the adsense.com page still infers that my account is under review. Obviously more research is necessary.

Another problem reared its head using Google Chrome to display http://simpletrafficsolutions.com/jvblog/your-affiliate-link/ , so that I could get my Clickbank ID whitelisted; the relevant form didn’t display. PtS support to the rescue, and after clearing the browser cache the problem was solved. The message I received from Clickbank, confirming that my account had been added to the appropriate white list, requested I use the Hoplink http://82086hq44ueubx5oieuvzeho99.hop.clickbank.net. This links to http://webinarwithjohn.com/3stepsuccessblueprint/ not “Simple Traffic Solutions“. Following the instructions in the Week 6 video I used http://XXXXX.simplets.hop.clickbank.net replacing XXXXX with my Clickbank ID. Clicking on the resultant advertisement results in the message “This link was created by an affiliate of the ClickBank network who is not authorized to promote this product.” PtS support – here I come.


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